Welcome                The name of a church doesn't tell you all you need to know about the people and the ministry. Usually it just perks your curiosity or perhaps, just turns you off. Hopefully, the information on this site will help to fill in some of the blanks.

You're Invited!
It would be an honor for us to have you attend one of our services. After reading all this you won't be a stranger.  As a matter of fact, you'll know a lot more of us than we will of you!

 What to expect in a typical Sunday morning service

 - Welcome and Scriptural

   Call to Worship and  


 - Worship with Singing

 - Scripture Reading

 - Pastoral Prayer

 - Worship with Singing

 - A Message from the


 - Closing Hymn and


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of our worship services. We strive to puch the gospel into all the corners of our worship services to feed gospel belief into all those present.

Who we are ...

Penn Yan Bible Church is a congregation committed to worship, teaching the Bible, fellowship, prayer, and evangelism.  We strive to be a warm and loving community of believers with an enthusiasm for serving the Lord.  If you are new to the area, looking for a church you can call home, or just considering the claims of Christ, we encourage you to spend a few minutes to learn more about us.  We also would like to extend a warm invitation to join us for one of our services.

Looking Forward, looking back  

It is our desire to minister to our culture in a way that shows how Biblical truth is relevant today, while building on the model given to us in the New Testament. We call ourselves a Bible church because we believe the Scriptures are relevant and authoritative for every generation and that they are sufficient for the issues one faces in this life and the life to come.

We are an independent church in that we are not affiliated with any denomination but we do enjoy fellowship with other evangelical churches in our area with Singspirations (services of testimony, praise, and inspirational music), Good Friday observances, and other combined activities.

Some History

PYBC was founded in 1988 as the vision of six families for a grace oriented, Bible centered ministry in this area.  Founding pastor Jay Lucas led the church from September 1988 until called to another church in Ohio in November 1999.  Over the years the congregation has met in the Diet Center (July-September 1988), the Ambulance Corps (September 1988-March 1990), and the Owl's Nest Community Center (March 1990-November 1996).  5 acres of land on the corner of Old 14A and Kimball Road, including an old house, was purchased in 1991. Renovations were made to the building now known as Berean Hall. This building serves as the youth center, class rooms, and the church office.  The first service in the present building was held November 7, 1996.  Mike Canham served as associate pastor with Pastor Lucas from July 1997 and later as Interim Pastor until Pastor Galletta began his ministry here in August 2001. He continued as associate pastor until October 2003. Jonathan Borisuk joined the staff in 2014 serving as part-time pastoral assistant.

    Our Purpose

The purpose of this church shall be to glorify God as we walk with Jesus Christ through power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire to glorify God will be manifested by the public worship of God, the edification and discipleship of the saints, and the local and worldwide evangelization of the lost as we obediently and joyfully adhere to the precepts of Scripture (from our Constitution).

In short we exist as a body to see unbelievers become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

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